Are You Man Enough To Meet Her Parents? Use This Checklist To Find Out

You’re a great guy.  You’re nice.  You’re sweet.  You treat her really well.  But is all that enough to get her to take you home to meet her parents?  Is it enough for her to keep you around?

Keep reading.  We’ve got a checklist to help you figure out if you’ve got long-term potential and are the type of man she wants to bring home to meet mom and dad.

Do this to make her want to be your girlfriend and you’ll always be man enough to meet her parents…

Are you working and bringing home an income?  If not, do you have a reasonable explanation such as being a college student, recently getting laid off, or in the middle of job hunting?  It doesn’t matter what your job is.  You can be a doctor.  You can deliver pizzas.  If you want to meet mom and dad, what matters is you treat your job with respect and do it to the best of your ability.


Are you responsible?  Do you follow through when you make promises or tell people you’re going to do something?  Or do you make commitments and then bail on people?

Are your friends and family important to you?  Do you treat them like they are and speak well of them?  She will see this as a sign of how you will treat her family.

Do you manage your money well?  It doesn’t matter how much money you make.  It’s about how you use it.  Do you pay your bills on time?  Do you save money and have a reserve fund in case of emergencies or do you spend every penny as soon as you get it and constantly find yourself in debt?

Are you comfortable interacting with kids?  Do you treat them with kindness, affection, and patience?  If she loves kids and wants a family, this will be important.  If you don’t like or want kids, it’s better to find a woman who also doesn’t want kids before it becomes a huge issue down the road.

Don't Be A Slob If You Want To Attract WomenDo you smell good or do you stink?  That might seem like a funny question, but ask yourself this: do you want a stinky girlfriend?  Didn’t think so.  If you want to meet mom and dad, basic good hygiene is required.

Are you a slob?  You might not mind the empty beer cans and week old pizza boxes sitting around your house or apartment, but she does.  Things don’t have to be impeccable.  Just tidy up every now and then, and keep places like the kitchen and bathroom nice and clean.  Disgusting bathrooms = big turn off for women!

Do you know how to act around other people?  Are you polite and do you treat people with respect?  Can you handle yourself in a crowd or with people you don’t know?  Do you care about other people and getting to know them or is everything about you?  How you converse and interact with others can be extremely important to women.  So much so that it can often make or break the relationship.

At the end of the day, what does it all mean?  To put it bluntly, if you want a woman to desire you and see you as a man she can be with forever, you need to have your shit together.  Check out the Girlfriend Activation System if you still haven’t got your shit together when it comes to women.

If you date a woman long enough, she will eventually start asking herself if you’re really worthy of her.  If you want to pass all of her tests and become part of her family, even in just a casual way, then you need to consider all of the above qualifications.  If some of them don’t jive with you, it may be time to do a self-assessment and identify any shortcomings holding you back from getting her long-term commitment.

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